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We utilise Moodle as our teaching platform that we believe is the perfect place to offer our teaching services.  We have integrated a high tech online teaching platform that helps us to offer you direct support through means of presentations, video chat as well as text chat.
We also record lessons so our students can easily refer back to their previous classes for studying.  Our platform also comes complete with course progress which can help us identify where you should be focusing on during your language course.

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It is important that you are actively involved in speech, reading, writing and communications when learning a new language and this is where we thrive.  We offer courses for many different languages so check out our course page now.

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We are speakers of multiple languages and understand that learning a new language can be a daunting and hard task.  This is why we came up with this new teaching services that focuses on the required learning course that is suited for you regardless if you are a beginner or have a full understanding of a language, we can help you progress further

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We are always on the lookout for new teachers to join us with a passion in teaching and making sure students get the best possible experience and results.  Contact Us for more information

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Easiest Ways to Learn English

Easiest Ways to Learn English

Learning English can be hard especially if you are just starting to learn a new language.  Here is a couple of ways to make learning English easier! Immersion Method The Immersion method also known as the natural method is where you surround yourself around English...

35 Confusing Things About The English Language

35 Confusing Things About The English Language

Learning another language is no easy feat. You can memorize all the rules and still find yourself messing something up. The English language is no exception. With roots in many other world languages, English includes a number of spelling, grammar and pronunciation...

Learn General English

Learn General English

Why would you want to learn English? English is one of the most used languages in the world in terms of spoken language as well as web materials, business communications and is known as the international language.  There are many benefits of learning English including...

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