André Zahra

Here’s a little about myself! I discovered my passion for teaching back in 2008 while giving private lessons to local Maltese students who wanted to take their O Levels. As my love for teaching grew, I started working in the ESL/EFL industry; did my TEFL Course and later the TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) to further hone my skills.

The first few months saw me teaching a variety of levels and ages which gave me a taste of what the industry catered for. The next step was to get my CELTA Certificate. This course opened new doors and helped me broaden and deepen my teaching techniques. Moreover, I could connect more with my students as I learnt that a teacher is not only the skills and knowledge that one has but the love and passion to see others grow. Finally, while I was working and gaining experience, I read a Masters in English Language and Linguistics with a special focus on pronunciation and phonology which would prove extremely useful in the classroom.

From that moment on, my goal has always been self-improvement and keeping up-to-date with what is happening in the ESL/EFL industry to give my students the best: from dyslexia courses to applying technology within the classroom through MLearning. Learning never stops – something which I would like to pass on to all my students.

Through these experiences A&A World Language was formed as an online learning platform for both local and foreign students. We want to bring Language Learning to you in the comfort of your home and give you the best quality service that you require to learn a language.