Basic English Course

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€100 for 20 hours of classes (Limited time offer)


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Basic English Course

The Basic English Course course is ideal for those that have limited understanding of the English language and wish to start learning. Focusing on introduction to structure, vocabulary, and phrases in context.

Get started with English! This course will introduce you to the English alphabet, words, speech and reading that will set you on your way to learning the international English language.

An introduction to basic structures in English
  • Understanding basic instructions
  • Taking part in a simple conversation
  • Listening to different speakers with different accents
  • Covering basic grammar areas and applying them in real life conversations
The use of phrases for different contexts

Learn basic expressions that are used in different contexts:

  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • At home
  • On holiday
  • And many more!
Vocabulary building using a variety of methods
  • Vocabulary Matching
  • Working with Synonyms and Antonyms
  • Using the correct words according to the situation
  • Drilling common basic expressions
Focus on refining pronunciation
  • Finding stress patterns in words and using the phonetic alphabet
  • Practising the correct intonation for statements and questions
  • Drilling pronunciation for a more communicative English

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Basic English Course

Basic English Course


The Basic English Course is ideal for those that have a limited understanding of English and want to get the basics.

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