Intermediate English Course

EUR 150

Categories: English Courses
Includes lifetime access

Course Overview

The Intermediate English Course course is perfect for those that have a moderate understanding of English and wish to expand their knowledge of English words, grammar and speech.  The main focus is to extend the vocabulary while refining certain grammatical points.

This course focuses on the following subjects:

  • Intermediate Grammar
    • This helps you to develop linguistic understanding of grammar that will give you confidence to follow with our Advanced English course. Students will participate in a variety of different activities during this class with our online tutors.  Classes will include role playing, completion of exercises, homework and other activities.
  • Intermediate Listening/Speaking
    • This helps you to better your communications when conversing in English as this helps you to understand the language functions required for everyday life activities.  Regularly speaking and listening in English helps you to feel more confident in real life situations whether it is shopping, ordering, talking to new friends or even during emergency situations.
  • Intermediate Reading
    • Reading books, newspapers, magazines and websites in English can help you develop better skills and confidence in understanding what these contents are about.

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