Maltese Basics

Maltese Basics

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Course Overview

The Basic Maltese course is perfect for students living in Malta that wish to improve their vocabulary and grammar of the Maltese language before entering/entering secondary school.

The basic Maltese course focuses on the following subjects:

  • Basic Grammar
    • This helps you to develop linguistic understanding of grammar at an introduction level.  Students will participate in a variety of different activities during this class with our online tutors.  Classes will include exercises, homework and other associated activities.
  • Basic Listening/Speaking
    • This helps you to better your communications when conversing in Maltese as this helps you to understand the language functions required for everyday life activities.  Regularly speaking and listening in Maltese helps you to feel more confident in real life situations whether it is shopping, ordering, talking to new friends or even during emergency situations.
  • Basic Reading
    • Reading books and magazines and newspapers in Maltese can help you develop better skills and confidence in understanding what these contents are about.