Why would you want to learn English?

English is one of the most used languages in the world in terms of spoken language as well as web materials, business communications and is known as the international language.  There are many benefits of learning English including the ability to be more involved in online forums, meeting new people and if travelling is one of your dreams then English is the language to choose.  English has a basic alphabet system and is known to be one of the easier languages to learn.

Our main focus with our general English classes are:

  • Achieving fluency for life. We want students to be able to speak as native speakers do and not only for exam preparation. Of course, when we say native speakers we are not referring to slang and/or dialects but something closer to what linguists call Standardized English (British/American). This is done through conversation practice, dialogue practice, role plays, situational language, etc….
  • Achieving accuracy. This is important for students who want to refine their language skills. Example: The use of grammar at a basic level and then later to a more advanced level with omission of structures; implied language; understanding language that is ‘between the lines’. This is done through exercises and repetition/drilling of certain structures.

Both fluency and accuracy are important as many teachers often consider them to be two sides of the same coin. Our idea can be done in two ways depending on teacher’s style and methodology.

  1. Teach language through situations regardless of level (at least not so much focus is given on level). Therefore the teacher gives a situation and connects grammar, vocabulary, expressions that are utilized in that scenario.
  2. Teach language from the structures themselves. Sometimes, it is a bit difficult to find a full scenario for every little thing. Therefore, the structures would need to be given directly to the students and told how they can be applied.

One thing that we don’t want to focus so much on is an overemphasis of levels as most language schools do. Teachers are often restricted from teaching ‘higher level’ language simply because it’s ‘only for the advanced classes’. However, there are many times when students even at a low level are primed to learn some of these so-called ‘advanced structures’.

What makes A&A World Languages better?

We do not follow teaching methods that are used by other teachers world wide and focus purely on our students needs.  It being an introduction to English or advanced English to expand your career prospects.  Our teaching services are mostly one on one through our state of the art online teaching platform that ensures you get the results you expect.

Our reviews on Facebook speak for themselves, check them out at https://www.facebook.com/pg/a.aworldlanguages/reviews/

Our teaching platform

Our online platform has been carefully planned out to offer you a unique teaching experience which is dedicated to your learning.  Webcam communication as well as live chat, presentations, class recordings for you to watch at a later date and much more.

What to expect from A&A World Languages?

A&A World Languages start by looking at your needs before proceeding with lessons.  Identify where you can improve with your English language, it being spoken or written, grammar amongst many other areas.  You can also expect a personal teaching experience that has been catered for “you” and we do not follow a universal Syllabus system which is normally used by other teaching institutes.

You learn at your own pace, and we make sure that you are entirely satisfied of your current learning subject before moving on to the next level.  We record all online classes which students can download and keep for future references or to go over what they have learnt in previous lessons.


English Courses and Costs?

Basic English Course

Basic English Course

The Basic English Course is perfect for those that have zero or very limited understanding of English!

Intermediate English Course

Intermediate English Course

The Intermediate English Course is perfect for those that have a basic understanding of English!

Advanced English Course

Advanced English

The Intermediate Course is Perfect for those who have a strong understanding of English!

Courses on hourly rates are available on demand. 

Find out more

Contact us through our Live Chat (click on the green bar on the right hand side of the screen), our contact page or via email contact@aaworldlanguages.com .