Tips and Tricks on How to Learn a Language.


  1. Motivation
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    The most important thing when you’re learning a language is to keep your focus on why you are learning it in the first place. It’s essential that you are able to answer why you have taken up this language. There are few people who take languages up just for fun and maintain it for an extended period of time. However, the majority start a language in order to get a better position at work; move to another country; enter a university course, etc… As a result, on those days that you feel de-motivated, go back to your why and remember your long-term goals.
  2. VarietyVarietySecondly, it’s important to use variety to spice things up. I recommend interacting with other people who are either native speakers or have an excellent command of the language. Not only can these people guide you in those areas which might be difficult to explain, but you’ll be using the language as well.
    Other methods will increase your range of vocabulary and expressions, for instance – books, videos, songs, movies, applications, games, and magazines. All of these come in different forms and are accessible from various places online.
  3. Keep it short but consistent!
    Short and Consistent
    I believe that consistency is key to learning anything. As a result, I recommend doing between 20-30 minutes a day, especially when you’re starting in order to create a good habit. 20-30 minutes a day might not sound like a lot of time, however, it is something achievable. Plus, you’ll feel good once you’ve done it and not guilty because you’ve missed your 5 hour study slot!
  4. Mistakes are part of it
    Last but not least, remember that nobody’s perfect! We all make mistakes. However, we need to stop stigmatizing mistakes and start learning from them. Mistakes are there to teach us how we can get better!